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Presley Duyck-Happy 22!
Presley Duyck-Happy 22!
Presley Duyck-Happy 22!

Presley Duyck-Happy 22! | Elate

Before I begin, I must admit I’m a rock and metal fan. Like everyone else, I’ve arrived at this genre after exploring others. There is a phase between ’99 to ’08 I listened to pop, and it was good. Finally, there is an artist that will make pop great again. Dallas based songwriter Presley Duyck has the mic, and my attention.

Happy 22! is sliding back to the years where Lady Gaga wasn’t all about meat dresses & whatnot- made music for a living. Duyck creates a happy and bouncy track where she leads in the melody to tell a story, a narrative of sorts. She sings about her life, while having really worked on the background music. It is truly a relief to hear after the hit factory millennial whoops that dominate the mainstream industry. Her voice seamlessly blends into the fore, zero autotune and all talent.

There is a certain balance achieved, only because Duyck has worked on this single like everything depends on it. That is how artists worked earlier and she does her best to bring back that culture.

Her voice is like Grande’s, but doesn’t edge on banal levels of perfection. The human touch to it is heard again at the final break of the song, which she chooses to end with an instrumental section. Happy 22! is an exuberant display of confidence and pride in your work, and I’m happy to hear it.

I might not be 22 anymore, but yes, I finished listening to the song with a smile.

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