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Aniqa Dear - Boundaries
Aniqa Dear - Boundaries

Aniqa Dear – Boundaries

‘Boundaries’ is Canadian duo Aniqa Dear’s latest release. It combines diverse instruments and electronic sounds, and crossfades between genres.

The opening beat to ‘Boundaries’ quickly becomes a kaleidoscope of sounds, some whimsical and others mystical. This is not surprising given one half of the band is producer James Atin-Godden, a multi-instrumentalist genius. Further, Aniqa Qadir’s vocals are also used as an instrument in the song, adding another layer to the production. 

‘Boundaries’ by Aniqa Dear is a masterclass in tunes that keep the listeners engaged throughout. Around the three-minute mark, the beats and tempo take a sudden turn. As a result, the song ends quite differently than it began, and the listeners’ ears perk up at the end just as they did at the beginning. The production combines Aniqa’s high-pitched yet surprisingly gentle vocals with quirky-funky beats. The final bridge is almost an acapella moment for the singer-songwriter.

The sound of ‘Boundaries’ is psychedelic jazzy. The song’s lyrics are dreamlike, flowing like a river in a lovely fairy-tale. While it is going by smoothly, you can hear the sudden twists they make. I’d compare this song to a musical version of Alice in Wonderland, probably by Tame Impala. And perhaps that is why the music has such an otherworldly feel to it!

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