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The Flycatchers-flowers and weeds
The Flycatchers-flowers and weeds
The Flycatchers-flowers and weeds

The Flycatchers-flowers and weeds | Resonant

An indie mellow rock album makes you feel a varied set of emotions. It is connected by the roots to emotion, to memories and certainly display that connection in their lyrics. The Flycatchers do the same with their new EP flowers and weeds. It has a great selection of collaborative indie music & atmospheric instrumentals.

The essence of an album

Their album starts with the opening track by the same name. Booming guitar opens with a xylophone sounding instrumental section. The song is a collaboration with Tyler Sexton, having great aroma. The song stays with you because of the great production & layered moments that are displayed moment at a time.

The interlude is a refreshing break with a background of falling water, resonating a calming stillness, and setting a foreground for the next track. The next song, demons, focuses on vocals with a minimal instrumental section.

The dominating falsetto is a fresh outlook and exhibition of an emotional outlook at what the mind goes through. The reverb piano sets the tone for a string section that smoothens the edges out- carrying on to the drums and slightly distorted guitar. Great track overall.

The fourth track lonely nights creates a new ambiance to settle into the track. A great track to listen to live, with the John Mayer pop effects and synth vibratos. The solos are simple and memorable, tries to perfect the emotion of solitude. Comes damn near close for sure. The phased out second section allows breathing space for the second section, just as effective.

Reprise is the closer to the album, making a memorable experience of what is lasting and what isn’t, in life. It roots you to the simple things that make it possible to function as humans. Cutting away all the fat, it focuses on keeping the album short yet remarkable in every way.

In conclusion, we need to view this arrangement as a portrait from a macro scale. It speaks of what we all feel, an emotional connect to what can be understood. Move in closer, and you might see what they see, a change of seasons. Temporary yet ethereal, flowers and weeds is a zeal of a myriad of feelings. Relatable and a healthy portion of songs that cast a lengthy shadow on each other. The Flycatchers are whole by spirit, and a group to look out for.

Flowers & weeds is a masterpiece worth holding on to. Listen to the short & sweet album here:

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