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ROWDY-Bungalow | Intoxicate

Many a times I have googled the statement- bands like Pink Floyd. What I was searching for was the essence, because there can be none like them. The energies of the universe came together to give me what I wanted finally in a young indie group. Set up the vibes from the Pulse tour- ROWDY are here to take the stage.

Their new track Bungalow has the power of Ray Manzarek (The Doors) & rich atmospheric depth of Richard Wright (Pink Floyd). The synth flourishes accent through the entire track, having a great jam song tang. Psych rock has made a mellow comeback- and ROWDY are riding the wave man.

I had the same thought you might have had. Why is a psychedelic rock band called ROWDY? That’s why you & I are not in bands rising to the top. I loved the bass line as well, which can be appreciated only through headphones.

The song goes through so many changes within itself- I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. It’s important you remember through the song that the same band and same track are playing. Versatile group producing magic.

Bungalow manages to conflate series of all sorts of rock related goodness- they’re the musical equivalent of a gingerbread house. The guitar work & vocals are gratifying and hold great melody, drummer evolving like a chameleon through the track.

Carouse in the fun filled goodness of Bungalow here:

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