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Jayd – DOWN DAY | Solace

France-based British singer-songwriter Jayd (originally: Jade) updates her discography with her first release of the year, her single — DOWN DAY. Jayd returns from some of her earlier discography from the previous year which included tracks such as Make It Last, Pushing On Me and Ghosts.

DOWN DAY, her latest, is a three-minute number that is characteristically indie-folk/indie-pop with a hint of acoustic and dream pop. Thematically, DOWN DAY is a brainchild of Jayd’s episodes of emotional burnout and exhaustion, harbouring uncomfortable bouts of anxiety and uncertainty — a recurrence that led her to realize how music helps people going through similar emotional turbulences. The track is born out of adversity and appears as an auditory light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel to those seeking it. At its most fundamental level, DOWN DAY comprises electronic synth waves and mellow percussive elements that decorate the track, occasionally assisted by filler electric guitar arpeggios. The track is an embodiment of the emotions of companionship, lending its musical hand to people brought down by their daily burdens. 

Across periods of frustration and emotional dystopia, it may become difficult for some of us to find a respite from melancholy. In such cases, DOWN DAY should be the track you find yourself with to help you through the days. Be sure to check out the track here: 

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