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Steven Reid Williams - Fallen
Steven Reid Williams - Fallen

Steven Reid Williams – Fallen | Bluesy

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what happened to the Blues, then look no further. Artists like Steven Reid Williams are here to keep the Blues going. After a 7 year hiatus since releasing Black and White Interpretations, Steven Reid Williams has released his latest single Fallen. This track is so beautifully blues that words fail me in describing it. Williams stays true to the heart of Blues with the chord functions and walkdowns that you can’t help but say “That is SICK!” His soulful voice tied with the hard-hitting drums, and rock opera-esque instrumental makes him sound like a more melancholic Hendrix or an even more psychedelic Bublé. This amazing fusion is definitely his unique selling point. It’s hard to find that balance, but Williams has found the point in time between Blues and Psychedelia and married them so well. If you’re having one of those days where you can’t see the point to everything else, Steven Reid Williams is here for you. Fallen is a reassuring track that gives you the support and affirmations that you need. So what are you waiting for?

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