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Nicky Phillips - Home
Nicky Phillips - Home

Nicky Phillips – Home | Melancholic

When I think of all the songs that could possibly bring me to tears, Home by Nicky Phillips will probably be up on the list. Nicky Phillips is a London-based artist who writes and shares her open-hearted songs through intimate performances. She generally performs in and around Cheshire and Manchester. I highly recommend catching her live performances. With a singular guitar, minor percussions and mild slide notes, this track will remind you of early Bon Iver. Nicky Phillips is an artist who shares her emotions through her music. Home is a track that is longing for a space that provides the comfort and safety of a place where the flowers grow / where we can grow old / and we’ll call it home. When there’s nothing left for you, the idea is to create or at least find some sense of security in this crazy world that’s constantly growing and changing. We look for these things in our lives that can bring us little amounts of joy and pleasure that we are able to call home. Home is Nicky Phillips’ third single which will be followed by her upcoming debut EP set to release this coming August.

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