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Natey G - Hush Money
Natey G - Hush Money

Natey G – Hush Money | Lifestyle

Returning back more anthemic if not less from some of his previous tracks from earlier in the year such as Wake Up and Upside Down, New York-based singer-songwriter and music producer Natey G drops his latest groove Hush Money.

Running for a period of near three minutes, Hush Money is the ideal summer anthem and clique bop, coming at the listener’s ears with genres such as electronic pop, rhythm and blues, hip-hop and club music. The track opens up with a soft electronic crunch, quickly getting married to a groovy drum-n-bass assisted rhythm and blues melody. Natey G appears his most self-assured and in-his-zone in his track, comfortable with the soundscape he builds and sporting a dapper understanding of the contemporary sound he is trying to champion.

Understandably, the lyricism in the track is a recitative melody about varying themes such as romance, his own life’s grind, success and consistent effort, where Natey G sings, ‘Hush money / I feel like it’s been a long coming bus for me / I feel this microphone with songs / I could start to paint the picture’. Hush Money appears with a certain clique of confident swagger, an on-the-flow lifestyle and a thoroughly enjoyable and recognizable groove for many. 

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