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Jake Caine - All In A Day's Work
Jake Caine - All In A Day's Work

Jake Caine – All In A Day’s Work | Hard

When you listen to music for a while, you find songs that make you feel like you’ve looped around the entire genre. Jake Caine is able to give you this reminiscent feeling without it feeling worn out. A Joy Division like sound sets him apart with his lyrical emotionality. Jake Caine is able to achieve this transcendental emotional ride with post-punk elements that just drive the whole song forward. As a huge fan of post-punk, I’m reminded of such acts as the aforementioned Joy Division, Slowdive and Pixies when I listen to All In A Day’s Work. Jake Caine tends to talk about the difficulties of being an artist especially when you have no time to worry about anything but completing the day’s work. The Sheffield based artist states that he puts in a few hundred quid into recording his tracks only to put them out on platforms such as Spotify for a fiver in return. Jake Caine uses this emotionality to connect with his audience and it’s about time people stop sleeping on this magnificent artist. His raw emotions in a soothing vocal melody, cutting through the disorienting instrumental and overdriven guitars just hit you right in the feels. Anyone who wants to feel that unity as a recording artist should definitely give All In A Day’s Work a stream.

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