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Trish Discord - Desire
Trish Discord - Desire

Trish Discord – Desire

Desire by Trish Discord is a rock song about the disturbances and mental health issues that surface after a break-up. The singer-songwriter has a unique way of incorporating her emotional vulnerability in her grunge-inspired music. Trish Discord hails from Queens, New York, and credits the Brooklyn grunge scene with helping her find her sound. She has two psychology degrees, and this sensitivity towards mental health issues helps her be sensitive in her music.

Trish Discord has been singing since she was a child. Learning guitar in college gave her the ammunition to create her music by herself. She has released multiple songs in the last few years, but Desire sounds different from the ones that came before. It has a more modern rock sound. It feels like a combination of nostalgic ’90s rock with the 2000’s pop. Her musical influences include Paramore and Mitski, and their pop rock influences can be heard on Desire.

The song Desire features Trish Discord’s vocals, and they work very well with the rock-heavy electric guitar, and the pounding drum beat. In the lyrics she explores her own state of mind after a break-up. Her mind is out of her control which scares her. She blames her lover who abandoned her, yet her focus is constantly on her own emotions. Feeling wild with the overwhelming emotions, she knows it is unlikely that the one she desires can deal with her eccentric mind. Desire is Trish Discord’s attempt to accept her state of mind and deal with it after checking her own emotions.

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