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Sarah Reynolds Wilderness
Sarah Reynolds Wilderness

Sarah Reynolds – Wilderness

Sarah Reynolds’ song Wilderness is about rediscovering faith and rebuilding confidence after a painful fall. It’s a sweet ballad with a pop-influenced structure and acoustic instruments.

Sarah Reynolds grew up in the UK countryside with her four brothers in the Cotswolds. She and her siblings had both played the piano since they were little. Her parents didn’t listen to pop music, and she says that lead her to missing out on the popular sense of music. However, this distinguishes her music from mainstream pop, which mainly relies on computerized production.

The song Wilderness starts off fairly acoustically in terms of structure. In the opening verse, Sarah sings gently to complement the soothing keys playing. As the song progresses into the second verse, it becomes more grandiose. The bass drum is the first instrument to enter, followed by the bass guitar and cymbals. Further, the track does not feature any synth or electronic production. The overall vibe of the song is very much like Adele’s 21, though the singer’s lyrics are very personal.

Speaking of lyrics, Sarah Reynolds uses the track Wilderness to express her fear of being lost and lacking direction. The song opens with her expressing uncertainty and fear of failure. Waiting to be rescued and lead out of the maze that entraps her, she admits to praying on her knees everyday. She knows her loved ones are helping her, and she is seeking out every last of their remedies. Afraid of being unable to adapt to the outside again, she focuses on the desire to regain her confidence.

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