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Lee Ford-Where It Begins
Lee Ford-Where It Begins
Lee Ford-Where It Begins

Lee Ford- Where It Begins | Merry

I had a recurring dream when I was younger that a band like R.E.M would be revived, and sing of our times- indulge in the present & spread general euphoria. After the group stopped making music together, I resented the fact that I would never hear the chimes of R.E.M. Fortunately for me, a young rising star named Lee Ford was on his way to reviving positive vibes.

Here is my interaction with Lee on his new single:

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed your track Lee. I hear a lot of R.E.M & British rock influences, what are some other musical inspirations?
I’ve been brought up on bands of the 90’s, The Verve, Cast etc. & all the obvious ones, Paul Simon is a massive inspiration for me, his song writing absolutely blows me away. I always take my time with my lyrics purely because of him. Fontaines DC are also a massive influence to myself.

2) What genres would you like to expand to after Where it Begins?
I’ve got songs coming out my ears and I can’t wait to get more adventurous and creative with them in the studio. I’ve been writing a lot of folk influenced stuff lately like singer/songwriter mellow acoustic vibes.

3) Is there an album in the works or just singles for now?
Just singles for now, I’m pretty new to everything and only just came on the scene so I think the plan is to get a few singles out there. Hopefully try and build a following for an EP but obviously an album would be the ultimate goal!

The Liverpool connection

4) Being from Liverpool, you must have to constantly put up with people comparing you to The Beatles. My Best Friend has great Beatlesque flavor. What are some other themes you like to sing about?

I think any artist who comes from Liverpool will always have that connection to The Beatles, even if they don’t sound anything like them. At the end of the day they put Liverpool on the map in terms of modern culture and it’s hard for them not to be brought up. My Best Friend is a very Mersey influenced song though it’s Beatles it’s La’s I’ve stayed close to home with that one.
In terms on themes I like to write relatable songs and stories that people connect with, I wear my heart on my sleeve with my lyrics and I just write truthful meaningful material from every day life, reminiscing about my childhood, mental health
. I like to pick a subject I feel influenced by at the time of writing and just go with it!

5) What are your plans for live performances? Any exciting collaborations or solo for now?
I can’t wait to get on the live scene, I’ve done some live acoustic sets where ever possible with restrictions but I’ve got a full band behind me for shows and got a few things up my sleeve. The return of live music has got me fired up to bring the best live show I can, full of energy and tunes!

The song & its essence

Where It Begins actuates with an oscillating harmonic of layered guitar sounds, with Lee Ford entering with his vocals after a bar. The song is full of optimistic lyrics, with a pendulous flow that has a certain elasticity to it. It is an instant mood warp, lucid in nature and a definite bring me up. Ford shifts to acoustics for the second bridge, artfully scudding through the song.

His other single released this same year, My Best Friend is also a great track to revel in, considering the times we’ve gone through. Reminding you that no matter where & who you are, you’ll have your friends to fall back on.

Revel in his joyous track here:

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