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VISSIA – My Wom | Feminine

Following the drop of consecutive singles such as The Cliffs and On My Mind earlier in the year, an album release from Canadian singer-songwriter VISSIA was not entirely unpredictable. One of the most notable tracks appearing on her 2021 full-length album With Pleasure is her successful pop bop My Wom.

My Wom is one of those tracks that you end up remembering an album by, if not the artist themselves. Easily distinguishable from other anthems in her discography, My Wom presents itself with VISSIA at her most self-assured and in her own lyrical skin, explicating a poised and assertive vocal performance. At its most foundational level, My Wom is a groovy pop number, occasionally exhibiting inclinations to other genres like acoustica, bluesy bass licks and neo-disco. Understandably, the lyricism in the track is a narrative towards a female protagonist, who is difficult to please and has got no time to waste scuddling around unimportant duties.

The track is a fond explication of this female’s attractive personality and their self-reliant existence, particularly with lyrics such as — ‘If you’ve got something to say / She ain’t losing time on superficial hellos / So don’t expect her to play’. Offering a fresh contemporary take on themes about women such as from Billy Joel’s She’s Always A Woman, VISSIA’s My Wom is an anthemic banger not to miss out on. 

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