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The Vigilance Committee- Oakfield
The Vigilance Committee- Oakfield
The Vigilance Committee- Oakfield

The Vigilance Committee- Oakfield | Dissent

When I say punk rock & New York, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is The Ramones. There is also a good chance you didn’t know they were from the Big Apple. Instead, let’s take a different route down the same path with something that can only be called indie prog-punk. Welcome to your playlists- The Vigilance Committee.

They have the message- its just that it doesn’t have to always be delivered in a fit of rage, claws out and 4 chord jams. There’s a different way to do it, and their new track Oakfield explores that new method. With surreal chord progressions that reflect out of the walls that surround you, The Vigilance Committee bring you that punk rock taste, but in a different cuisine altogether. The song explores the melody, indulges you in their message and causes you to search for your cause.

There are a lot of things to be aware and socially conscious about in the new world that has been ushered to us. Protests and debates are one way- the other way is through the power of music. Changing pace within the tracks just like the times we live in, this track is an alluring and alleviating perspective of the new era of dissent.

So if you’re forming that picket line, or fighting for a cause you truly believe is yours- take the message on. Deliver it in whichever way you can, whether a prose or a song. The Vigilance Committee seem to have done it right with Oakfield, and you can too.

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