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Lapels-Warning Lights
Lapels-Warning Lights
Lapels-Warning Lights

Lapels- Warning Lights | Wistful

This year is as good as any for Britpop to make a comeback. There have been constant tours of nostalgia in the past 16 months or so not only in the music industry, but everywhere. People thrive on reliving a memory, you’re transported back to that time. So get out your dream journal, lock your room door, drape the curtains like you’re allergic to vitamin D because Lapels are taking you back to the Oasis years.

Their latest track Warning Lights is like a bonus track from Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. It’s filled with an acoustic boom that’s rich in timbre, ridiculously addictive to sing along to & carries all the goodness of Britpop that you loved. I’ll really be pushing it if I use references of 90’s rock and roll, so I’m going to cool it and let you teleport to the decade of the birth of the internet.

Nathan sounds like the third of the Gallagher’s, his vocals soaring above the mellow instrumentals. The track has all the flavors you’ve craved for more than 8 years of 90’s Britpop absence. Lapels have released only one track but they’ve already signed with Marquee Records to make more fun music about your mundane life problems.

So just stop it. Stop pretending you don’t need Britpop in your life anymore, you knew you always needed it. The only difference is that you don’t need to clear out older songs from your iPod now to put this track in. It’ll fit like a velvet glove just fine, no matter how your life is.

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