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Alex Ohm - Joy
Alex Ohm - Joy

Alex Ohm – Joy

English alternate rock band Alex Ohm’s latest track is aptly named Joy; it is full of energy and radiates positivity. It features peppy drum beats that give a consistent rhythm to the whole song. Further, the electric guitar, keyboard, bass, and the occasional tambourine make for a joyous sound from start to finish. Joy is the perfect song to wake up to each morning!

Alex Ohm’s alt-rock pop sound is a result of their wide range of inspirations that enable them to create grand cinematic soundscapes. The band is no newcomer, Alex Ohm is a well-known name in the local music scene in the Midlands. They have opened for Ian Brown, Ocean Colour Scene, The Charlatans, and Peter Doherty to name a few musicians. 

The band has been performing at music festivals for several years, and in 2020 they managed to sell out their socially distanced gig titled ‘Ohm alone.’ Joy is just the right song to come out after a time of reinventing and readjusting. The song is all about the bright high points in every day, hold onto the big revelations, and the elated sounds on the track just push it out of the park.

Joy by Alex Ohm is lyrically a motivational treasure. The singer is excited about breaking out of the everyday mundane routine. He knows that something somewhere exciting has to be calling his name. The world is so vivid, he wants to light the sky and paint the day with joy. He tells the listener to stop putting themselves down, rather pick themselves up again. The bridge is slower in tempo, with an emphasis on the new gleeful future that the singer has found.

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