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The Rising-Break The Chains
The Rising-Break The Chains
The Rising-Break The Chains

The Rising- Break The Chains | Energize

The Rising are a group that are insistent on bringing back the power of live instruments & polyphonies that are a salad of many tastes & effects. They focus mainly on crafting a solid anthem that can be sung as one, across the board no matter what taste of music you listen to. Break The Chains, is no different.

They compound slivers of themes from The Cranberries, Meteora age Linkin Park & their own original energy. The Rising give you the strength & will required to overcome hurdles as one must. The track has great energy for a great radio staple.

Like other tracks they have, their songs have resounding zeal & promise for a better day and that you are in control of your destiny.

The song opens with the string & guitar strums with that natural Irish rock group feel, the push through the pain yet can-do spirit of Dolores O’Riordan style vocals. Chantelle McAteer’s vocals weld the instrumentals together & push the song to that rock anthem status.

The song progresses flows into a great bridge section & disperses smoothly into the chorus. Chris Logan’s licks embellish the song at the right points, breaking into solos after the chorus- mirroring Chantelle’s sublime vocals.

The track is a testament to pop positivity & reminds the listeners that all is not lost. Push yourself, and you can break these mortal chains. A welcome Lady A charm swirls around the track as well.

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