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Electric High-Reach of Your Love
Electric High-Reach of Your Love
Electric High-Reach of Your Love

Electric High- Reach of Your Love | Rave

If you look at old MTV videos, there used to be long lines outside record stores for record store day. When cassettes came out, the line was for that. Electric High take you back to nostalgia arena with their newest EP- Reach of Your Love. Not that it needs to be said, but this album has everything you would expect from a rock album- classic riffs that you’ve heard somewhere but don’t remember. Suggestive lyrics but tuned down to our current political lingo. Distorted guitar. Lead singer with unbelievable vocal range. Must I go on?

So for this review, I’m going to tune it back to the 90’s (only because I remember that time). It’s time to reverse down the driveway of nostalgia & appreciate old school rock when you hear it. Consider carrying a writing instrument- because the cassette you’re going to listen to will unravel after the 8th play and you need a pencil to reel the tape back in.

Electric High sound like the sonic equivalent of an Old-Fashioned- with blends of AC/DC, Judas Priest, Sabbath & everything in between that screams rock.

Bear with me as I give you a rundown, classic style:

Reach of Your Love consists of:

Track 1-Reach of Your Love (3:15)- Sounding like a downtempo version of Touch Me, I’m Sick by Mudhoney, Electric High cram your mind space with electric riff raff (kudos if you got this reference) & great fun lyrics that classic rock songs had. Olav Iverson & PV Staff grab your attention instantaneously with his Myles Kennedy & Todd Kerns vocal range, while smashing through the track. Try not to headbang.

Track 2-Reproducing Man (3:53)- Borrowing some blues rock friction from AC/DC & a Priest song, this song is a swing king. It truly shows the band chemistry, from the harmonics to filthy solos & simplicity you must rely on to create a great track for an excellent album Marius Mørch keeps the rhythm on guitars with Einride Torvik on bass & Tor Bjarne Bjelland on drums. Fantastic lineup for a hip song, man.

Track 3-Morning Star (3:50)- Slithering back to the Black Sabbath era of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Electric High establish an eerie atmosphere for this track. Basing on Tony Iommi heavy riffage, Morch creates a spooky hell on earth vibe while the vocalists’ power through. Preparing you for this track is the intro, with the drums entering only after the minute mark, while you stay suspended in the stronghold of Beelzebub.

Track 4-Rock Classic (3:46)- Alright, let me preface this by saying I have absolute adulation for this track. It is meta in ways it does & doesn’t realize. It uses common phrases from rock hits throughout the decades, obviously referencing the bands biggest influences. The track knows it’s a rock classic, so it sings about that. Using cheesy phrases from rockstars platonically writing songs, this is a baller song with Sabbath’s galloping riffs & even some Deep Purple. Splendid.

Track 5-Trembling Bones (3:51)- Every good album needs a strong closer. It’s time for the closing track, Trembling Bones. Opening with congas like a stronger version of Chris de Burgh’sLady in Red, this track quickly transforms to another rock jam. A Kenny Loggins blues style riffs opens the stadium gates, warming up the vocal sphere for brilliant display of vocal diversity & instrumentals. The bass slides during the chorus, muted riffs highlight the vocals- what more do you need? Fun & a great track to swagger through.

In case it wasn’t clear with the abundance of references, mentioning how great the album is, description of what part is fun in a rock album (like a nerd), its important you listen to it first, then judge how I wrote this review, trying to be “different”. The group from Norway is doing it exactly the same way, differently.

Now stop overthinking it like me & get your electric high here:

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