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Calimoosa - Bye ft. Voli Contra
Calimoosa - Bye ft. Voli Contra

Calimossa – Bye ft. Voli Contra | Club

If you are looking to crank up your routines, or hype up at the gym or left wanting a good pick-me-up track, Calimossa should have you covered in that department.

Following his track TOO HOT MELTING from earlier in the year, Los Angeleno hip-hop artist and music producer Calamossa has returned with his latest track Bye. Featuring New Jersey-based hip-hop artist Voli Contra, Bye is a near four-minute collaborative outcome. At a fundamental level, the track seems to borrow its inspirations from multiple genres apart from traditional hip-hop arrangements. This includes genres such as funk, a Rastafarian bridge, club pop, electronic dance music, and even a very catchy and ridiculously groovy Arabian pop-rock rhythm that gets assisted with the drum-n-bass underlying the track.

The track is oddly reminiscent of the sound coming out of club hip-hop around the 2004-2006 era which featured artists such as Akon, Wiz Khalifa and Jason Derulo. Calimossa and Voli Contra present with their lyricism a sort of clique to their music — a sense of fear of missing out that non-listeners may feel who because of missing out on the duo’s discography. A thoroughly groovy number made for upbeat social gatherings, we should not be surprised hearing the track blow up in our nearest parties. 

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