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Blanks - Classic Armstrong
Blanks - Classic Armstrong

Blanks – Classic Armstrong

Classic Armstrong is a classic love song by Dutch musician Blanks. Simon de Wit uses the homonym Blanks to release his music, and he has been publishing original tracks since early 2019. His videos on YouTube have garnered a lot of popularity, and even earned him over a million subscribers!

Blanks says that he wants to make music that is gleeful and nostalgic – as if it reminds you of an adventurous period of time in your life. Classic Armstrong has all of those elements in place. It opens with an 80’s drum beat, and then a semi-modern melody kicks in. The lyrics are simply praising this person who has fascinated the singer.

Blanks is overtaken by her voice and her words, which remind him of a Louis Armstrong. He could never get bored of her, just like he can never be unimpressed by a song by a great musician. Around her, he experiences a wide range of emotions: her touch sends waves through his body. He simply wants to treat her well and make her feel special with the little things.

The sound of Blanks’ Classic Armstrong is nostalgic pop. This gives the song a vintage love story vibe. The musician gives his love interest the ultimate compliment when he compares her to the perfect harmony.

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