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MAYN Polyphonic
MAYN Polyphonic

MAYN – Polyphonic

Los Angeles-based artist MAYN has released his latest project Polyphonic. MAYN is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and producer Charlie Maynard. Maynard creates surreal soundscapes inspired by photography and film with an aims to bring his personal narrative into his music.

MAYN has performed as a drummer with several bands around the west coast, New York, and SXSW. He is a big fan of Gregory Crewdson and Stanley Kubrick, and it is no surprise that his interests lean more towards story telling. This explains why his songs are often accompanied by amazing videos that help bring the music to life with visual stimuli.

The song Polyphonic has electronic trap beats such that The Weeknd would be proud to use them. MAYN layers many different sounds, and makes heavy use of the synthesizer. The rhythm of Polyphonic is almost hypnotic, yet the groove is lively. The artist really showcases his musical production skills on Polyphonic, only using these vocals as another texture in the mix of his beats.

A multitude of sounds and storylines play in tandem to make Polyphonic, correctly named so. It is a really high quality track that is really refined, and just belongs on the charts!

Listen to Polyphonic by MAYN here:

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