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Alanna Matty- Little Dreamer
Alanna Matty- Little Dreamer
Alanna Matty- Little Dreamer

Alanna Matty- Little Dreamer | Up

Many a times, all a song needs is to be stripped down to its bare minimum, ambient chords, good progression, numinous vocals & musicality that is beyond the basics of craft. Alanna Matty seems to have checked all these boxes in her single Little Dreamer.

It boasts of nothing complex, just an attractive necklace of a chord progression over which Alanna’s vocals seem to drape over. She doesn’t do any overkill, sings of the will you need to have to dream, to hold on to the dreams & remain positive. No roaring, no aggressive taking what is yours attitude. Just to dream. One of my favorite chord progressions with a silken voice that seems to transport you beyond the ether.

The Toronto based singer isn’t changing her vibe because of what happened. Because of what happened, we needed her zeal for life even more, for that is why these songs resonate in the chambers of your mind. Resign from doubt, prepare the reigns to dream with belief. Themes of love, joy and general positivity churn out from Alanna’s songs, keeping you on track to what is important.

Its important to state that it’s nothing new. There are a billion songs with positivity but they’re so overworked on that it becomes saturated. Alanna Matty realizes the solution is in the simple, creating music that is relatable, and breaks away the shards of despair that close you in. To believe, you must become a little dreamer.

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