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Lizzy King - Floating
Lizzy King - Floating

Lizzy King – Floating | Rueful

Understandably, the last couple of years will forever be etched in the memories of many of us as particularly downtempo, gloomy, morbid and even depressing. American singer-songwriter Lizzy King manages to capture a fraction of that hurt and emotionality in one of her latest tracks Floating.

Returning from the success of her 2017 full-length EP The Lost Years and her single La Loba from earlier this year, Lizzy King weaves together her balladic mournful number. Understandably, the track is a rueful conversation between King and a paternal figure in her life, where she highlights the daily struggles of existence and the constant flirt with the idea of ending everything all at once. The song is as nostalgic and disconsolate as it is melancholic. At its fundamental level, the track is characteristically a mixture of lessons from genres such as pop, folk, acoustic folk, electronic pop and electronic folk, offering it a unique sound reminiscent of the best of each of these genres. In a crestfallen outro, Lizzy King sings — ‘I’m floating up / I’m floating up’, perfectly capturing the emotional numbness and light-headedness that arrives with being in the thematic state of mind of the track. 

Lizzy King promises a brilliant discography with tracks that speak for themselves. Check out her track Floating here: 

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