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KTEE Back in Time
KTEE Back in Time

KTEE – Back in Time

Back in Time is an upbeat pop number from Dublin-based singer-songwriter KTEE about comforting and giving your younger self a hug. Back in Time combines catchy pop beats with KTEE’s confidence, and highlights her incredible vocals.

KTEE grew up surrounded by nature and animals in a small town by the name of Maria Neustift in Austria. Her biggest inspirations were Beyonce, Jessie J, and her childhood favorite Celine Dion.

KTEE started self-training her singing voice when she was just a child. She later received formal training when she moved to Vienna.  KTEE grew up with her parents listening to Schlager music, but she had an inclination for pop from the start. She has released over ten songs all of which are pure pop, but navigate through very different themes lyrically.

Back in Time is a recluse for the singer; she sings that she wants to get a time machine and go back in time to meet her younger self and tell herself that she is fantastic and that later she will be surrounded by people who love her! She felt lonely sitting in the back of her classes, and was bullied by her peers. Her mother told her to be strong and ignore the haters, but she wasn’t able to shrug those feelings. Her boyfriend left her for another girl, and her friends tried to help her but couldn’t. However, things are very different now.

KTEE has now blossomed into an adult who is self-confident and knows her worth. The song is a great message about staying strong in the moment and not giving up! She wants to go back in time to give herself a hug, and tell her what the future has in store for her!

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