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Fire Jane Alien
Fire Jane Alien

Fire Jane – Alien

Fire Jane is an electro-pop artist from the American East Coast, and her latest single Alien is an upbeat EDM track. The artist Fire Jane makes music that is feel-good and has roots in electronic and EDM. Ava Max, Doja Cat, and Anne-Marie are some of the incredible female artists who inspire Fire Jane.

You can hear the influence of her inspirations throughout the song Alien, yet it is a completely different sound. It has a strong synth with electronic beats, opening with a bang. The power of Fire Jane’s strong vocals reverberates through the song right from the start.

In Alien, Fire Jane sings about never backing down and asks the listeners to do the same. She refuses to be put down or lose her high spirits regardless of how far away she is from home. Home here is a metaphor for a place where she feels like herself.

She feels like an alien in the place where she is now, and she cannot be her true self. Further, the lyrics and the electro-pop beats are all about staying focused and on track. The bridge of Alien is a moment of dramatic relief as the beats soften, and Fire Jane continues to chant affirmations and share her confidence with the listeners.

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