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If your area has started to open up post-pandemic and you’re looking to spend the summertime under the shade of trees and in the cascaded lap of the summer air, you will need a soundtrack. Lucky for you, Manchester-based country singer-songwriter Savannah Jaine is here to deliver.

Jaine stirs up her discography with the release of one of her latest tracks — Sunshine & White Wine, a characteristically country-pop number to sway to during this time of the year. The three-minute track witnesses Jaine’s Americana country vocals merging with acoustic melodies, an attractive bassline and a simple yet ridiculously immersive percussive groove. Lyrically, the track recites a carefree poetic description of summertime frolic with friends, including celebration and revelry. The artist manages to be inspired by some of the most widely acclaimed lessons from the genre, and strings together the best of the worlds created by classic acts — think Jason Mraz vocals collaborating with the electric guitar solos of 2010 John Mayer, and you should be able to hear the tune in your ear already. 

Sunshine & White Wine is now streaming on Soundcloud. Be sure to check it out here: 

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