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Rival Karma-Honey!
Rival Karma-Honey!
Rival Karma-Honey!

Rival Karma- Honey! | Wreck

There are a few ways to create a sticky alternative blues rock jam. It is important that you have the pumps of Dan Auerbach or Jack White, and make sure people really soak it in before diving into the track. Then add drums, caramelized lyrics and make that person who left you regret it. Ninja rockers Rival Karma have all the steps figured out & more in their latest single, Honey!

Breaking out into sludge and garage rock jams throughout the track, Rival Karma invoke your neck muscles to be used in its entirety to jam out to this riveting track. Having a punk rock track length & vibe. Honey! makes use of the 3 minutes approximately to make you melt in your loungewear and jump to the psychedelic trap of garage rock.

Using a riff & snare combo attack for the intro, Karma explode into a sugary chorus with lyrics that are like Velcro. Ripping through with a high, they utilize space with zero fat & breaks that use simple licks that can be sung. At the 1:53 track, they launch into a Foo Fighters Run like gallop, before reversing back into their addictive chorus. It’s something you don’t know.

I understand that the review above has too many references to honey, sugar, and general blues rock mayhem. I would recommend you listen to the track and then proceed to judge me, for you too will search for your insulin pen by then. Their other singles Chemical Courage & A.Y.N are also worth listening to.

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