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Scott Bathgate- Devoir
Scott Bathgate- Devoir
Scott Bathgate- Devoir

Scott Bathgate-Devoir | Poignant

Some songs showcase a true love for quality sound & production. They involve a refined mix of inspirations, experiments and fantastic production value and sound. Consider Scottish musician Scott Bathgate’s Devoir, chockful of beautiful rhythm sections, funk and pop segments stitched into fine tapestry.

Featuring an opener with three-dimensional sound phasing, Bathgate has gone all out for the production and sound quality. Featuring vocalist Nadya Albertsson, the song has phases of solid R&B, pop influences and instinctive pauses focusing on Nadya’s vocal range and versatility. The Questlove inspired backbeat remains a focal, phased out with instrumentals weaving in & out with a great bassline. Do use headphones to enjoy the immersive sound.

The sly time signature variations, although scarce seem perfectly placed, Bathgate’s dream vision for what a track should feel like coming to fruition. It is a strong opener for an album, if it is in the works. Scott Bathgate has taken creativity by the scruff & shaken the gold out of its pockets because this track is loaded with treasure. The track is a precursor for what pure talent we can expect from Bathgate. His bio says a lot of singles are in the making, so fingers crossed!

Also highly recommended is his other single Heavy Soul, also featuring Nadya for her musical prowess and silken voice. The track features accents of R&B & hip-hop with a good mix up. Look out for the rise of Scott Bathgate, music aficionado & genre concoctionist.

Enjoy Devoir & it’s fantastic high fidelity production here:

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