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Duo Brothers - Shrooms For Everyone
Duo Brothers - Shrooms For Everyone

Duo Brothers – Shrooms For Everyone | Trippy

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Duo Brothers have striven towards writing psychedelic-inspired music. Developing a super chill sound, Sol Monk and Yonatan Levy decided to create groovy melodies and chill beats to let their listeners relax and trip to! The Duo Brothers use jazzy melodies with chill R&B beats to put you in a total state of relaxation. One cannot dispute that, especially with how trippy, groovy, and relaxing their latest release Shrooms For Everyone is. As they’ve said themselves, Shrooms For Everyone is exactly what it says it is – A trip for everyone to enjoy. The synths, coupled with the smooth, hypnotic vocals will definitely take you on that trip, but they’re not complete without the smooth bass and classic beats. Duo Brothers describes it as “A low-key jam that leaves surprises at every turn, it’s sensuous, colourful and bubbly-chill.” Honestly, I can’t find any better words to describe the track because it is everything you want in a circle when you’re just vibing with your friends. I highly rate this Israeli low-key psychedelic duo, and would definitely keep them ready for my next trip, If I were you!

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