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Avaraj-World So Cold
Avaraj-World So Cold
Avaraj-World So Cold

Avaraj-World So Cold | Emo

Somewhere along the gap between generations- there was born a period of neglect and aloofness that was character for a group of people- teenagers. Emo was the label put to this group, though it was normal to feel that way.-recognized by their appearance and mood. A forgotten fact about emos- they made great music.

Headlined by groups like My Chemical Romance, Panic!, Jimmy Eat World in rock, emo artists had great riffs in minor scale, short catchy solos and appealing lyrics. Choosing her influences to amalgamate a rap-rock genre mashup, Avaraj has fueled angst and rage to create great melody in her latest single, World So Cold.

Belting beguiling riffs and lyrical chops, Avaraj describes a world that is distant to her yet inspires her enough to make this smashing track. Opening with reverb clean guitars, the strings flow in naturally after a bar to welcome the drums and Avaraj’s lyrics- dispelling fake behavior, and how pretentious people tend to surround you. The bridge brings in the distortion, relatable lyrics and a gloomy yet galvanic phrases that hook you from the get-go.

The second bridge also features a rap section with synth loops that urge you to mimic them by the second time you listen to the track. Her penchant for music reminds me of the initial Weezer & MCR years, with rap making it an interesting genre shuffle for a track.

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