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Xav Clarke My Friends are Evil
Xav Clarke My Friends are Evil

Xav Clarke – My Friends are Evil

My Friends are Evil is Xav Clarke’s latest single, leading up to his upcoming debut solo album by the name of ‘magic arrow.’

Xav Clarke is no newcomer; he has been performing around Europe with bands and musicians for the last several years. The music producer and composer grew up in Dorset, UK making music in his bedroom. Now he is based out of Germany and England. Xav has been working on music scores for several animated shows for the last few years. 

The song My Friends are Evil has the quintessential psychedelic-pop sounds that the artist is known for. Xav Clarke’s sound to me is a combination of funk and alternate rock, and his lyrics are surreal and existential. However, a smooth husky voice makes his music seem quirky and appropriate for a quiet house party.

My Friends are Evil is a fantastical track about FOMO, It is about wanting to be like your friends, no matter how evil they are. The musician is content in being evil, a sinner, or even Satan’s weiner just to fit in. The lyrics can be perplexing if this is the first time you have heard Xav Clarke’s music. But after a minute you realize the irony, the fantasy, and the commentary which are layered through the track.

At the same time, the sound and vibe of the song are super chill. This makes My Friends are Evil the song for stoners to play next time they’re hanging out with that one other person – or alone.

Listen to My Friends are Evil by Xav Clark here:

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