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Mothé- Summer's Almost Gone
Mothé- Summer's Almost Gone
Mothé- Summer's Almost Gone

Mothé- Summer’s Almost Gone | Strut

It’s been a while since a psychedelic mix of pop rock took a vital place in your summer playlist. Summer’s Almost Gone by Mothé is here to take its rightful place, with a swinging, groovy dance & song number that is laced with flavors of Tame Impala & Keane with original constituents that are fun and addictive to listen to.

After Moth Wings disbanded in 2020, Spencer Fort took the stage name of Mothé to make inspired music with the roots of his older band. Though many of his tracks have pop elements- drum tracks and synth landscapes, occasional bass lines and riffs make cameos across the songs. Summer’s Almost Gone has a great dance floor beat and melody- for everyone to listen to and sing along with.

The latest EP by the same name has great production sound, good phasing in tracks and enough layers for you to thoroughly space out when you’re cast away as a loner looking for good music. Opening with reverb guitar chords, the drums and synth enter consequently after a bar each to lay out the whole groove. Mothé takes over with his lyrics while small riffs embellish parts of the track.

I would highly recommend this single and album who wants to explore music making without boundaries of genre. The track along with the others in the album is a mixed bag of genres, designed to make you move.

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