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K4YLEE- Hell & Back
K4YLEE- Hell & Back
K4YLEE- Hell & Back

K4YLEE- Hell and Back | Heavy

If you felt like there just wasn’t enough rock in your track, it isn’t your fault. What you need to do is follow K4YLEE (Kaylee Rogers) , because she went to hell and back and she freaking rocks now.

Her latest track, Hell & Back is a testament to 2010 era Black Veil Brides & Asking Alexandria, raw, heavy hitting riffs with a changed persona that Kaylee Rogers became K4YLEE with. With a jolting yell, K4YLEE’s vocals are a great meld into the song, which features swinging distorted electric and a tight drum groove.

K4YLEE’s vocals remind me of the absolute devastating force that is Tatiana Shmailyuk, best known as the lead vocalist of metal band Jinjer. With the same strength and peculiar range to her vocals, she is aiming for the stars and is going below & beyond for it.

Stating her inspiration is Joan Jett, K4YLEE has set a benchmark for herself to follow, for her album can be more promising, polished and downright hardcore. From a muffled whispered intro to the song, she travels in warp speed, hopefully towards her success as well for the potential just cannot be contained.

Her other singles, Lies & 11 Minutes are also blistering amped-up rockers, challenging you to not headbang through them. The reserved, small town girl from Texas has woken up a beast inside with this single, and we know where the rest of the hits will come from.

Crank up the volume and jam to the track here:

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