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Ettie - Starting Again
Ettie - Starting Again

Ettie – Starting Again

Ettie is a London-based singer whose current single, Starting Again, is a compelling song about regaining one’s self-confidence and optimism. Ettie is a literature student who is well-known for her ability with words. She uses her songwriting abilities to create lovely stories through her songs. Her voice is quite unique, similar to Taylor Swift’s on Folklore but a little more folky. Alt-pop is a broad term that may be used to describe her music.

Starting Again is a ballad about rediscovering oneself after a significant loss. Ettie begins the song quietly. She is uncertain and worried about what she should do with her hands. She feels powerless, and despite being 20, she feels as she did when she was 17 and had yet to learn anything about life. It’s as though her formative years’ experiences have been wiped away.

She’s requesting her lost companion to keep her their mind. She then realizes that these perplexing and nerve-wracking times could only indicate one thing: a fresh beginning. Ettie is a lot more confident in the second verse as she understands this is her chance to start again. She isn’t entirely confident, but she has already begun to work on improving herself. 

The bridge is a joyous moment, playing over gentle guitar strings. You can sense in Ettie’s voice that she is looking forward to the new journey & Starting Again as the last chorus rolls in.

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