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Marc Delgado- The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel
Marc Delgado- The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel
Marc Delgado- The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel

Marc Delgado- The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel | Swing

When Tom Petty passed away in 2017, I was heartbroken. He had an astounding style of writing lyrics and gripping your closest memory as an event to view his music through. I’ve always believed when a great lyricist passes away, his spirit lives on. Here, in the personality & immense musicality of Woodstock, NY local, Marc Delgado.

With a swinging vibe and grooving melodic background, Delgado sings of change and circumstance while carrying a narrative worth immersing yourself in.

The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel is the perspective of a misunderstood vagabond of sorts, striding towards redemption. Why must I be the thief/Why must you see my grief/Can’t explain what comes over me are lyrics that grip you closer to the story. A tale you must hear to invest on the climax.

Opening with the Billie Jean 4/4, Delgado’s message is very clear- song & story only, no frills attached. The clean electric on reverb and bass accompanies through the swinging smooth chorus, Delgado leaving enough space to cruise into the next verse. As classic Tom Petty as it gets.

The scale transition is elemental, sets the flavour to the song and the overall intent before we reach mid-track. The bridge section is a mellow insert into the overall sentiment of the song, a healthy connect between the verses.

I listen to this track the same way I listen to a George Harrison or Dylan song- searching for the sentiment responsible for the inspiration for the track. As we witnessed tectonic change in the globe- get engrossed in a mix of emotions with this simple ballad by Marc Delgado. I also recommend his blues infused track, Mary, the Interstate…

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