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Leo Sawikin - Row Me Away
Leo Sawikin - Row Me Away

Leo Sawikin – Row Me Away | Solipsism

The erstwhile lead singer of The Chordaes, Leo Sawikin, shows incredible promise as a solo artist if not more, particularly with some of his latest releases. Dropping as many as four singles earlier in the year, Sawikin has released his latest track — Row Me Away, updating his discography to his latest musical inclinations. The four-minute track appears inspired by multiple genres, alloyed into a mixture that shows styles such as electronica, electronic pop, ambient art-rock and slightly even Beatlesque. The track opens up with electronic synth waves accompanied by Sawikin’s Thom Yorke-esqe light baritone vocals, which quickly are upheld by the four-by-four percussion that serves the backbone for the track. The lyricism represents themes of existential despair, longing and the decadence of youth — in an almost fearful observation of the rapid decadence of life’s exuberance. In the face of this life’s Nietzschean landscape, Leo Sawikin sings — ‘Hold on, Hold on / Row me away / Row to the dreams that I used to chase / Paddle and sway to the place that the earth melts into outer space / Row me away’. The track is a commentary of thoughts that we all face along the walks of life, as we reminisce about the nostalgic innocence of the yesteryears. 

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