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Trav B Ryan - Nightmare On Elm Street
Trav B Ryan - Nightmare On Elm Street

Trav B Ryan – Nightmare On Elm Street | Vibey

Trav B Ryan has come back harder than ever with his latest release Nightmare On Elm Street. The New York-based Hip Hop artist is making great strides towards recognition. He says that he will rap for vibes and that he does. Nightmare On Elm Street is such a vibe that you can listen to it over and over again, and never get tired of it. Trav B Ryan is emotionally driven and likes to talk about things that no one else will. His previous singles are about astrological signs, and these definitely make you feel closer to him in the sense that he gives it a more personal touch. Trav B Ryan is such a unique artist. His vocals and music are vastly different to what we’re used to listening to in modern hip hop and R&B. With a little bit of rawness to them, his smooth vocals entrance you in a similar way to Kid Cudi’s well-known hum. Nightmare On Elm Street is a track about break-ups and the things nobody wants to talk about when they break up with someone. He has some hard-hitting lines that go so well with his beats – I used to see you everywhere / but now I only see you in my Nightmares. Trav B Ryan knows how to capture emotion in a way we’re not used to hearing, and it’s therapeutic, to say the least.

We were able to get in touch with Trav to answer some of our questions –

What or who is your inspiration behind your musical journey?

My inspiration is from everything. My family, my environment, the way I was raised in a single-parent home. The emotions behind that. Everything played a part in my music.

What does rap and hip hop mean to you?

It means therapy. It means an expression of oneself. It means art. Hip hop is a voice to the voiceless. It makes people listen to you. It makes people understand you. It’s a very powerful tool.

Your other tracks mention Astrological signs. What do these tracks symbolise for you?

I made these tracks to bring people together. Growing up, my mom used to read us our horoscopes and talk to us about it and it felt good. It felt like you were part of something bigger. I wanted to use that in my music. I want to give people the same feeling I felt from my mom. Like you belong. That feeling tends to bring people together no matter their differences.

How important is astrology to you?

It’s very important. I was raised on it and I definitely believe in it. I feel like it’s one of the little things in life that can make the world an actual community.

Your music is really emotional; do most of them come from your past relationships or is there anything else to it?

It comes from all over but yes some are from my past relationships. I love hard and I hurt even harder so some of that spills out onto my music. Vibrant emotions are the top ingredient in every song I make.

Nightmare On Elm Street seems to have a different direction when compared to your other singles. Is there any reason why?

I wanted to tap into a subject that usually no one talks about. The hate for a person after a heartbreak. The disgust you feel when you think of them. But also the sadness. Also the drastic change of being extremely in love with a person to cringing every time you hear their name. You relive the pain when you hear it. That sudden change no one really talks about, especially in music.

It’s been a while since you’ve released an album. When can we expect another one?

It will definitely be sometime this year or early next year. I have a lot to say and a lot of emotions to tap into. It’s definitely coming soon. I’m excited.

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