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Silver Cup - Wonderful
Silver Cup - Wonderful

Silver Cup – Wonderful

Wonderful by Silver Cup is a highly personal, emotional, and sensitive song. The song continues the band’s eclectic sound where they bend and blend genres, but in a way that they haven’t done before.

The band comprises of Hadley and Logan Nelson, a pair of siblings who mostly  work out of their home studio in Utah.  According to the pair, all they want to do is produce excellent music. Further, Silver Cup has diversely different sounds across its discography, but Wonderful is a class apart from what they have released previously.

The song explores the singer’s anxieties and insecurities. She sings about getting bored at large parties that everyone seemed to enjoy. In the song, she tells her doctor that the collagen and silicone she has injected into her body is still hurting her, and that he has to repair her. In a larger sense, she’s expressing her dissatisfaction with the things she’s required to accomplish.

The singer wants to be able to make her own judgments without any interference. She refuses to be crushed under the pressure that other people exert on her. She realizes that this is maybe the only way to deal with her insecurity, and stop feeling disappointment in herself.

Wonderful is a modest piece of instrumental music that matches the singer’s breathy vocals. However, it demonstrates Silver Cup’s musical narrative prowess, and works brilliantly as an emotional ballad.

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