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Sespool The Reckoning
Sespool The Reckoning

Sespool – The Reckoning

‘The Reckoning’ is Sespool’s latest track, and it begins with a solo that sounds a lot like Iron Maiden’s. It’s a very existential tune with wild guitar riffs and a true rock atmosphere.

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and producer Sean E is the genius behind this musical madness. And now he goes by the stage name Sespool. Sean has been a part of the indie rock scene for more than a decade, both as a solo artist and also with his band. His music has his signature synthesized soundscapes and his melancholic words. This has earned him quite a reputation with critics and his fans alike.

‘The Reckoning’ ticks all of the boxes of Sespool’s characteristic sound, which is partially progressive rock and partially fantasy-pop or dream-pop. Sean uses the guitar a lot and relies on bass-heavy tunes. ‘The Reckoning’ also has a similar structure, combined with synth beats across the length of the track.

The song describes feelings of loneliness, feeling helpless, and dejection. These emotions stem from being parted from someone very close to the singer, and nothing feels the same since they have been separated. He feels trapped and constantly tries to gauge the space between the two of them. The bridge uses a powerful / headband-worthy, electric guitar solo to drive this across, and then ends leaving behind a quiet fury. Many complex and uncomfortable emotions arise from being separated from a close one. ‘The Reckoning’ by Sespool takes these emotions of anguish and turns it into a musical beauty.

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