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Carl Adams - To Traverse The Hereafter
Carl Adams - To Traverse The Hereafter

Carl Adams – To Traverse The Hereafter

With his new song ‘To Traverse The Hereafter,’ LA based composer Carl Adams is making waves in the indie music scene. Adams is a talented musician who can play the violin, bass, and electric guitar. This influences his music, which blends electronic and acoustic instruments.

‘To Traverse The Hereafter’ is no exception, fusing techno and cinematic elements into a single song. The song flows like a dream, thanks to the slow chord strumming on the guitar at the beginning and end. Adams introduces the rhythms and click noises with elegance, and then takes it to the next level with the electronic synth.

Carl Adams’ To Traverse The Hereafter is a brilliant song that defies categorization. It blends raw guitar with electronic music, with rhythm changes and rifts visible in the melody. Perhaps the musicians’ flexibility is what makes this such a distinctive track. It’s an intricate and hypnotic song that can stay in your brain for days.

The music sounds as vast and expansive as the universe, with nebulae of stars spanning the line of sight. It is clear that the track has been named after the unknown quite fittingly, and the cover art also embodies the same.

Listen to Carl Adams’ To Traverse The Hereafter:

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