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Rae Radick - Supreme Sixteen
Rae Radick - Supreme Sixteen

Rae Radick – Supreme Sixteen | Youth

In a relatively short period of time, singer-songwriter Rae Radick has managed to collectively gather a commendable number of listeners across the world, and why not. Having teased and released consecutive singles already on her discography, the American musician has managed to string together a characteristically indie country-rock sound — polished once more with the release of her latest track Supreme Sixteen. The three-minute country pop-rock/indie-rock number flirts with a bluesy undertone to weave a poetic description of one’s first love, replete with all the various emotional turbulences that come along with the experience. The song features a healthy fusion of Radick’s country vocals accompanied across the composition with zestful electric guitar arrangements, offering it the celebrated and widely nostalgic adolescent soundscape. The track is reminiscent of the eager anticipation and heartbreak associated with our life’s initial romances — carefree, heartfelt and truly innocent. Despite the gradual decadence of the most foundational country-pop soundscape over the years, singer-songwriters like Rae Radick do brilliantly well to add into that discussion, refurnishing the genre while she is at it. 

We had the pleasure of hearing from Rae Radick herself. Here is an excerpt from that interview:

Congratulations on your new track! Although we had our takes on the track, how would you describe your song to someone going into it cold?

I would describe Supreme Sixteen as a fun, summer bop that they can sing along to in the car or strut down the street. It’s a song about young love and the joys it brings. Between the imagery and groove, this song promotes a feel-good vibe. Remember your first love?

Quite a few singles to your name in under half a year, will 2021 see a possible EP/album by you?

Yes! I have one more single and music video to release before I premiere my self titled EP, Rae Radick, in September. 

Who are your greatest musical influences? Do you have any country-rock influences?

My greatest musical influences vary across the board because I listen to every kind of genre. But if I were to pick the ones that are heard the most in my music it would be Fleetwood Mac, Shania Twain, and Miranda Lambert. I gravitate towards some country-rock influences: Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, and the Eagles. I also want to give credit to James Taylor who has definitely influenced me since I was a child, but more lyrically than musically. 

What are the most enjoyable and difficult processes in being an indie singer-songwriter that you’ve faced?

The most enjoyable process of being a performer is playing live. It’s an incredible, spiritual experience that I can only describe as my heaven. That’s the one place I feel the most aligned with myself and the world. 

The hardest thing I’ve faced as an indie singer/songwriter is juggling all the hats- especially now that the pandemic is over and everyone is hungry to play as much as possible. I have to be my own manager, booking agent, social media team, artist, tech analysis, and designer- all of which can be overwhelming.  

With various instruments dancing across the track, did you have a musical crew who assisted your process throughout the track? Please introduce them to us if they did! 

Yes! I have an incredible team of musicians and producers I work with from Brooklyn called Ghidrah Music Productions. We work closely as a team on each song, from the music, lyrics, to the editing process. I mostly like to collaborate when making music because it’s all about making the best product possible, and sometimes getting a second opinion on a lyric or musical note can make the song even better. 

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