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Maestracci - Resin
Maestracci - Resin

Maestracci – Resin | Reverie

Maestracci is an intriguing and engrossing hybrid electronic project that is unrestricted to purism towards any particular genre. In just over a couple of years’ time, the project has managed to end up on many intent ears across the globe who have been introduced to the elemental fusion in Maestracci’s musical discography. Featuring alongside other tracks in the project’s latest EP — Palindrome, Maestracci’s track Resin is a pulsating electronic/dance/electro-pop number that manages to suspend you in this hypnagogic dream-state for just over three minutes. The track opens up building a throbbing electronic upward rise and quickly breaks into its groovy percussive element, assisted with ominous synth waves and piano vibrations. The immersive soundscape invites the listener into a transcendent trance medium, where the experience involves falling down into a stereo sonic cavity that Maestracci leads us into. The project — and by that extension, the track — allows itself to be inspired by multiple genres including electronic, electronic dance, psychedelic trance, psychedelic pop and electronic dance. 

Greatly captivated by the track and Maestracci’s discography, we had the pleasure of reaching out to him to hear more about his creative processes and the track. Here is how that went:

Congratulations on your latest track! How would you describe your track to someone just getting into your music, or into the electronic/dance music genre as a whole?

Thank you so much! I think it’s a mixture of melancholy brought by this ethereal piano and more experimental atmospheres. The idea was that we could not distinguish the acoustic elements from the electronic ones. It’s quite difficult to classify it in a particular genre! But I think the various textures provide a homogeneous mix.

Understandably, a lot of your music is ambient and relies on the power to musically evoke from the listener some of their deepest emotions. Tell us the process of getting that desirable sound.

I always try to renew myself in the way of composing the basis of a song. Often I work from improvisations. Whether it’s from my piano or my modular synth, I record everything, all the time. I accumulate hours of recording and sometimes I extract only a few seconds. From there I build around this element which seems good to me. There’s not only one way to do a song. It’s always a challenge, new problems and new solutions. The most difficult part for me is to find the good thing, the one which could make the song very good. When you have it, it’s only pleasurable to work on it. If I was wrong on my first choice, it will be very difficult to finish the track.

Are there any musical influences that help shape your discography? If so, who are they?

I am inspired by everything around me, not just the music. I am a big fan of cinema and I feed off a lot of everything I can see. The images resonate in me like sounds, textures or melodies. My daily job is to work in a recording studio so I feed off the artists I meet every day. I have learned to appreciate things in each style of music. It is the chance that I have to be able to do this job. Afterwards, it is clear that some artists touched me more than others. If I have to give you some names I would say, James Blake, Steve Reich, Bonobo, Pink Floyd, Claude Debussy or Boris Brechja.

Many artists are purists regarding their preferred genres or collaborate with people who also make similar-sounding music. To that end, your music has been fairly open to reception from artists from various genres. How has keeping the walls low helped your musical journey? Have you noticed the inflow of more ideas once you have decided to not stick to only one genre?

It’s interesting because I prefer, in fact, to work with artists from different universes. I find it, for them and for me, exciting and rewarding. We confront our cultures and our expectations, it’s always a challenge.

Personally, I also like to renew myself, to try different things. I do my best to keep a kind of guideline, but I don’t want to do the same thing all the time. Music is a long life journey.

The track also features on your latest EP – Palindrome. Tell us about the EP and its journey of creation.

The first improvisations that we could listen in this EP were recorded in October 2020. I was confined like many people on this planet. I wanted to get away from this closing situation in researching some new sounds and textures. It was the process that went on for several months. Locked in with my instruments, they helped me to push back the walls that surrounded me. These 5 pieces are like a palindrome, a magic square where the beginning and the end have no fixed position.

Check out the track here:

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