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Danny Guinan- Ochón
Danny Guinan- Ochón
Danny Guinan- Ochón

Danny Guinan- Ochón | Cathartic

A word of Irish origin- Ochón or Ochone translates to an exclamation of grief or regret. Irish musician Danny Guinan’s latest track Ochon is a heavy disposition to absorb- yet brings about a strange sense of calm- like the wait for the inevitable.

With James Taylor style, Guinan launches into the song with an acoustic intro while lyrics coast in after a bar. The black raven on the album cover suggests what the song is about, bad omen and grief associated with the bird itself. As we drift across the song, the tension is heard and felt- something the artist and listener have felt in the past year or so- carefully condensed and curated in a single track.

If you wear your heart on your sleeve, then you know her name. Lyrics like these grace the lyceum of your head, as you dwell on your thoughts. A synth breeze seems to whistle away in the background- solely relying on minimalist layers to chisel a niche in your mind. Guinan is ridiculously talented with words I must admit.

Tread lightly, those who listen to a song pretty much titled grief. It’s the soundtrack of your heart when something’s missing, when there’s a void in your heart to be filled. Like Myles Kennedy’s Year of the Tiger, Guinan is relying on an acoustic and uninhibited lyrics to find a place in your heart.

Pure songwriting only requires an instrument and a brilliant musician. Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, any of the Beatles are good examples. As the songs you hear flow from pure nothingness to what you hear, it is a remarkable journey to experience. Find your state to be comfortable in, within sadness itself for it isn’t an enigma.

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