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Cal in Red-Act Like
Cal in Red-Act Like
Cal in Red-Act Like

Cal in Red-Act Like | Indie-Pop

A good melody is often a revelation. It’s based on an intangible feeling- a feeling that sponges memories from your past and resurfaces it.

Cal in Red build a wall of synth wave-brick by brick, to create an ephemeral symphony that is simple yet effective, a difficult combination to achieve.

Synth scores sound misplaced if not written well, in most cases. Cal in Red selected one of the best catenae in synth for their latest single- Act Like. The track constructs a synth macrocosm that makes you want to revisit the track time. I cannot get enough of this song.

Now let me issue a fair warning. You must have a Commodores level synth melody prepared if all the other things in your track are the lyrics and a drum track. The sibling duo seem to have got it covered, judging by their leviathan sound walls in their other singles- Zebra, Dang and Pool to name a few.

Cal in Red have manipulated synths to manifest a simple feeling into a song that inks their future in the industry. Trent Reznor from NIN in the 90’s comes to mind, repopulating synths in tracks to improve the gravitas.

I’m calling it now, Cal in Red will be huge someday- they’ve managed to seamlessly amalgamate genres of music they love and connect to a wide audience around their home base, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you want attempted minimalism in music, make it big- Cal in Red is who you must listen to. One of the brothers, Cal, wears red- it’s how the group got its name.

Now don’t act like you can have a better name for a duo. Smile-nod to their track here:

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