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Tayiha - Lose Myself
Tayiha - Lose Myself

Tayiha – Lose Myself | Amour

Australian born pop singer Tayiha has released her latest single Lose Myself. Being self-taught in piano and guitar, Tayiha is super talented. Her ability to arrange intersecting melodies with emotionally driven vocals is admirable, to say the least. She sounds like a young Taylor Swift – especially from the earlier country-pop phase! Tayiha has included artists like Lana del Rey, Alessia Cara, and Whitney Houston as some of her inspirations while growing up. She’s used music as a means for social commentary from the age of 8 when she wrote her first song about bullies. However, Lose Myself isn’t really a social commentary unless you look at it through the lens of how loving and supporting relationships can help provide safe spaces for people. Lose Myself begins with a single piano accompanied by the beautiful, enchanting vocals that Tayiha provides. The song talks about how difficult things get with everyone now and then, but the support and love of someone can shelter you from the world. The sombre melodies of the piano are met with a stark contrast by the uplifting vocals and beats. A song that works perfectly for your sad hours Lose Myself may just help you believe in love again. It’s like Tayiha says herself sometimes I need to forget /escape from what’s in my head.

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