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Scott & Maria - Home
Scott & Maria - Home

Scott & Maria – Home | Cascade

If you are someone who enjoys the presence of nature’s innate beauties around you and love being cascaded in the lap of the pristine tranquillity of the world’s creations, chances are that you would be very drawn towards the music of singer-songwriter duo Scott & Maria. Following a list of quickly succeeding singles released across the previous year and their 2019 full-length EP Never Lost, the duo has released their latest track — Home. Based in Brighton, the group managed to string together a most immersive soundscape inside a characteristically indie-folk and coastal folk number, featuring Maria’s Gaea vocals, Scott’s acoustic genius replete with mellow percussive idiophonic elements. The duo keeps it simple — their heartfelt harmonies are optimistic and soulful, almost delivering emotional assurance and solitude. The camaraderie and sonic arrangement remind us of the voices from the late 70s/early 70s such as Judy Collins and groups like Peter, Paul and Mary. The track is also available in piano melody, where Maria’s vocals are accompanied by a doleful and impassioned piano. Despite coastal folk’s gradual decadence from the popular scene, groups like Scott & Maria promise to fans the genre’s optimistic return onto the charts with their intrinsically passionate songwriting. 

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