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Rich Chambers-Summer Looks so Good on You
Rich Chambers-Summer Looks so Good on You
Rich Chambers-Summer Looks so Good on You

Rich Chambers- Summer Looks so Good on You | Vintage Rock

There might have been a time you imagined Rick Springfield touring with the E Street Band. What a gig to be at, right? Admittedly, you never imagined something like that, till underdog Canadian artist Rich Chambers came along. If you reminisce the 80’s as the best era for rock & roll (which it arguably was), Rich Chambers is the man making the magic happen all over again.

With his latest track Summer Looks so Good on You, Chambers drives the Oldsmobile in the nostalgia trip that you’re being taken on involuntarily. Don’t worry, its nothing but a good time for sure.

An opening that reminds you of The Boss, simple riff worth humming that you’ve heard somewhere but its alright because its so good. Claps punctuate the beat (your song must be very good to attempt this), which takes you through the love song for the girl who you’ve observed but are too introverted to speak to. So, you tell her she looks good- with a kickass song.

Chamber’s vocals that remind me of a mix of Gary Cherone (Extreme) & Bryan Adams, who are phenomenal vocalists- and Rich Chambers can definitely keep up. Chambers’ other singles like Snow Miser vs Heat Miser & I’m so Tired are also definite additions to your 80’s playlist jam, they fit like a glove.

The track is short enough, yet catchy enough to play 5 times in a row, if you can dance that is. If you can’t like me, close your eyes, and imagine this in the soundtrack of Miami Vice- because it feels like it belongs there. Now stop reading this- enjoy the essence of the 80’s rock and roll scene in one track. Is Chambers the voice of vintage rock revival? I’ll let you answer that.

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