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Morning Trips - We Have No Time (For Now)
Morning Trips - We Have No Time (For Now)

Morning Trips – We Have No Time (For Now)

Morning Trips’ new track, We Have No Time (For Now), has a nostalgic pop-rock feel to it. We Have No Time (For Now) seems like it belongs on the soundtrack of a 2000s summer friendship film. At least that’s how it sounds to me! I spoke with Brady Lynch, the Florida-based band’s vocalist and frontman. I was unsurprised to learn about their influences: Blink-182 and Nirvana.

β€œPretty much the entire catalogue of music history is at your disposal for $9.99 a month or whatever Spotify charges. So it’s hard not to be influenced by a little bit of everything. We grew up on guitar music of the ’90s like blink-182 and Nirvana. But we also get really excited by modular synthesizers and VST’s soft synths. In my mind, we are trying to create little planets that have their own atmosphere ,and characteristics that add to the whole β€œuniverse” of Morning Trips.”

The sound of the song reminds me of the band Walk to the Moon. So I felt I should ask Lynch how Morning Trips see themselves.

β€œI sort of detest when people ask me what our genre. This is because I do feel like we are unashamed about our love for pop music, but it would be a hard sell to strangers that we are a ‘Pop Band.’ So I think it’s easier to say we make music that falls under the ‘pop umbrella.’ Umbrellas are interesting to me because they protect you from the rain and the heat, and the duality in its purposes is something that really resonated with me with creating music. I wanted to have songs that were both there for you when you were sad or happy or angry. Something versatile but cohesive.
So instead of saying my band is β€˜X amount of sub-genres’ it’s easier to say β€˜thepopumbrella’.”

On another note, the song is based on the idea that as we grow older we will run out of time for the things we enjoy. The next question I asked the lads had to be about this. So I asked them about their takeaways from four years of producing music, performing, and simply living as artists.

β€œThat’s a good question just cause, and especially over 2020. I feel like I haven’t been able to reflect too much overall on the process in its entirety because I’m working towards so many ‘sub-processes,’ and trying to get better at every little thing that it takes to be an Artist in 2021. For some people, this doesn’t necessarily just mean the music anymore. I think the constant process of developing and understanding yourself, and being totally confident with what you’re doing, creating, and saying with your art is really important. And it’s shaped my worldview and a large majority of my experiences.”

The lyrics talk about how we don’t have time for the people we love because of our hectic lifestyles. However, the chorus categorizes the song as a party song to me. Lynch laughed at this, but I believe the chorus and bridge are really catchy and genuine to pop. He told me that he penned the lyrics while reminiscing over friends. Especially those who had moved away, or who he had just drifted away from due to academic obligations.

So I asked him about his take on the song and what lead him to write it.

β€œI think it is a piece I’m certainly proud of, especially the video. It was definitely a song I understood and was confident in my decision-making whilst producing, and another great learning lesson after sitting on completion for a while. I’m especially happy with the music video, because the idea came out exactly as we planned, so executing that was a huge confidence booster for what we can do as creatives. It also serves as a foundation for a lot of our visual aesthetics.
I wrote the lyrics reminiscing on all my friends that moved away or were busy with college or that I just drifted away from. Different memories and things we’d talk about, and how those moments were gonna be a lot rarer. It’s supposed to be optimistic because it’s about making the time and moments count when with your friends and loved ones.”

I also felt compelled to ask a question regarding song structure because I’m a big admirer. 

β€œI think objectivelyand not just in pop music, the chorus should always be the high-point in any sort of structured, commercial music. Especially for story-telling purposes. We’ve learned a lot about arranging our songs, making sure parts don’t drag, stay interesting, and really dynamically hit when they need to hit. I have a thing for writing ambient and electronic bridges and I think people have witnessed a bit of that with songs like “Assault” and “My Parade” but  I feel like those songs just scratch the surface of what our EP’s are breaking through into.” 

When I questioned Lynch about the band’s future plans, he seemed ecstatic. He said they’re excited for the release of their first two EPs later this year and early next year. They’re also looking forward to resuming live performances in 2021. Finally, I had to confront the brilliance that is We Have No Time’s (For Now)music video. This is what Lynch had to say:

β€œThe whole concept was a theme based around time travel. We had a lot of big ideas in the early stages we realized were too big to pragmatically plan given the timeframe . So living in the Post-COVID’ world, we took influence from making art out of your house, and did our best to make my living room look like a futuristic music set.
We hung up a lot of posters and such in my bedroom. We took my microwave and decked it out to look like a time machine. And we spent about 12 or 13 hours just shooting it all in one day with our awesome videographer Keno Manuel.
We wanted the choruses to shift through different decades, the 90’s, the 00’s, and the current and crazy 2020’s. In the verses and bridge, we were looking for the mechanisms to succeed in the thrill of time travel. Quite the thrill it was, shooting the video that is, I guess it was a party song the entire time. I think the theory behind the 20-30 year cycle in Pop Culture is really interesting. And I think the 2020s is going to be the first decade that really embraces everything. So the idea of us dressing up in different outfits based on these eras – it was us kinda poking fun at the idea of riding the momentum of a trend and just again, embracing everything, and really expressing ourselves the way we wanted.”

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