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Guil-T - Complicated
Guil-T - Complicated

Guil-T – Complicated | Infectious

Portuguese singer-songwriter duo Guil-T, comprising GuiG and Tillie, based in London, UK put out their latest pop single COMPLICATED. The track follows its predecessor number ALL THIS TIME that was released the previous year, which gathered their fair share of ears across the world who felt captivated and swayed by the duo’s music. COMPLICATED is a lovesick pop track using the genre’s most influential and widely acclaimed formulaic arrangements into one well-produced number. The duo’s vocals across the track are at par with some of the stalwarts of the genre such as Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa or Bebe Rexha. Replete with a groovy bass and mosaic synth waves that drench the track accompanied by electric guitar inputs, the track is as much a melancholic pop number as it is a track to dance to in a dark room. Guil-T’s music shows incredible promise and is in no way subpar to any other major label artists dominating the world’s Top 40s — making them deserving of many more listeners across the globe. 

If you love the genre and are looking for some new additions to your discography, do not miss out on Guil-T. Check out the track here:

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