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Kiey - Sunday Sanctuary
Kiey - Sunday Sanctuary

Kiey – Sunday Sanctuary | Club

An artist who does it all – sings, writes songs, produces, and intends to keep it that way, Kiey comes back hard with his new single Sunday Sanctuary. Kiey remains true to his influences from US-UK Pop in this new track. He uses melancholic melodies accompanied by heavy dancefloor beats. Sunday Sanctuary sounds like a mix of Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears, and Madonna. Kiey says his music is emotionally driven and we can see that in the themes of love, desire and want. With a fresh, easy voice, Kiey is able to soothe the listener in a way only pop artists can. Coming off of the success of his last album, Night to Myself, Kiey has a relatively more positive tone to Sunday Sanctuary. With that said, it still has those hints of darkness that add so much to the atmosphere. Kiey has an ethereal sound that makes me reminiscent of early 2000s pop music. Sunday Sanctuary has intersecting melodies that work so well together despite the contrasting tones, and I think that’s what sets him apart from other pop artists right now. An independent artist that makes pop music definitely deserves a whole lot more credit than he already has.

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